God Made It All Perfect! DVD Set


The complete DVD series of 20 programs of Christian evidences for children hosted by John Clayton and Jean Wiebe.


This is the complete set of 20 children’s programs–over 6 hours on 4 DVDs! The purpose of this series is to help children see evidences of God’s creative power in the design of the world around us. These programs are hosted by John Clayton and Jean Wiebe.
The topics covered are:
1-Our Galaxy and the Solar System (25 minutes)
2-Why Believe in the God of the Bible? (22 minutes)
3-Fossils (14 minutes)
4-Caveman (18 Minutes)
5-Earth’s Orbit and Rotation (16 minutes)
6-Insects (17 minutes)
7-Amphibians and Reptiles (20 minutes)
8-Birds (16 Minutes)
9-Three Special Birds (19 minutes)
10-Water (29 minutes)
11-Fish (15 minutes)
12-Mammals (22 minutes)
13-Seeing, Hearing, and Smelling (19 minutes)
14-Design in Creation and Living Things (19 minutes)
15-Plants (15 minutes)
16-Earth’s Recycling System (18 minutes)
17-The Human Body (19 minutes)
18-Dinosaurs (18 minutes)
19-Evolution -Part 1 (15 minutes)
20-Evolution -Part 2 (16 minutes)


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