The Source: Creation-Eternal Design or Infinite Accident?

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John N. Clayton and Nils Jansma have created this outstanding book taking a scientific approach to finding answers to questions about God.


John N. Clayton and  Nils Jansma are both geologists. John grew up believing there was no God and came to believe in God through his study in science. Nils grew up believing in God, but came to intellectual questions about God’s existence as he studied science. They are both firm believers today

In view of their training in the sciences, Clayton and Jansma believe the problem of God’s existence can be approached in the same way a research scientist might approach an attempt to discover a new particle in the nucleus of an atom. We cannot see an atom or manipulate it in a direct way. Yet by looking for measurable properties of subatomic particles, we can find convincing evidence that they do exist

If we can find convincing evidence of the neutrino, then why not prove the existence of God with the same certainty using similar techniques and logic? That is the premise of this book which uses illustrations, charts, and diagrams.

ISBN 1-58229-193-4
Paperback, 278 pages
Written by John N. Clayton and Nils Jansma

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